About BlueTrip CSS Framework

Regardless of how you feel about them, it is obvious that CSS frameworks are not going anywhere. By handling most of the boiler tasks for you, such as setting typography defaults, positioning elements, etc. frameworks make it a lot easier to rapidly sketch out a website design.

Blue Trip is pretty new to the scene and has rapidly earned a place in our media servers, it combines the best components of two other frameworks which are Tripoli and Blueprint and therefore creates a brand new one, and this is where the name Blue Trip comes from.

Mike who is a blogger and designer and who runs Capsize Design is responsible for the creation of Blue Trip. Even though you are able to find a copy on his site, recently Blue Trip found a more permanent location at www.bluetrip.org which in limited form, is already up and running.

Although in its own right, Blue Trip is a nice framework, the fact that it exemplifies the ideal way to use CSS frameworks, which is to tale the components you find useful and do away with the rest makes us love it all the more.

Critics of course point out the semantically unnecessary class names are often added by frameworks encouraging wrapper dives that would otherwise be useless and more. Even worse, being as they can be bulky at times, they can also hurt the times of your load page.

That being said, we find that at least for the prototyping stage, fireworks are an invaluable tool that every web designer should utilize. The way that good designers use frameworks is evident with BlueTrip.

You can check out our previous coverage if you are interested in a more in depth look at the debate of CSS frameworks as well as various links to other frameworks.

BluePrint.org developed One of The Best CSS Framework programs ó a beautiful and full featured CSS framework that had originally combined Tripoli, BluePrint, Elements, 960.gs and Hartija, hence the name.

What Can BlueTrip do for me?

With BlueTrip you are provided with certain styles as well as a common way in which a website can be built so you can get right to designing and avoid all the grunt work.

By downloading the package you can include stylesheets and images in the structure of your sight and get things going!

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