Short – update – GFkamerica

We just got word that our previous project for gfkamerica resulted in a new one.

The css framework had to be customized for two other pages at their website. The framework was done for the pages for big oney business coach and the dropship on demand by Don Wilson.

You can see that the dropship on demand is a course by Don Wilson, that is the man behind and has put together a course that reveals the strategies used to scale an ecommerce business to 7 figures per month. You can check out analysis here.

The other page that needed an updated css framework was the big money business coach (Christian Mickelsen)

This is a different online training course, hence the need for a completely different framework. You can see how we implemented the changes at

We think we did a good job helping them out and are looking forward to helping them with any other projects they might have. You can contact us via our form if you need help with anything.

The last, but not least, we also did an updated css framework for the super affiliate system 2.0 by John Crestani. If you are interested check out this page for more information.

For all future updates, visit our website on a regular basis and hope to give you guys (and gals) awesome updates in the future.

New CSS Framework Update for Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker.

Jeff Walker recently released the new update of his best-selling program called Product Launch Formula. The Bluetrip team was officially working on his website using the latest CSS framework updates to makes Jeff’s training course as professional as possible. Jeff’s clients are mostly people who invest big money and expect something big in return. You can check out the official review on GFKamerica, where you will be able to find all of the information needed + you will be able to check out the CSS framework created by Bluetrip.

CSS Framework Updated for 2019 and Parallel Profits Training course

We are releasing the latest CSS framework updated tested on the new Parallel Profits website by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton:

The latest results of our testing and the full review + insights are available on the GFKamerica review website.

The parallel profits is a newly developed search engine marketing course by the online gurus Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Aidan and Steve have been running this business for about 9 years and have massive experience hot to get it started from scratch. They have gathered and published all of the experience in their latest course called parallel profits.

Bluetrip has developed a custom CSS framework for their website, which from the beginning had special requirements – a community dashboard, support options, social share buttons, video collection, live calls etc. We developed a special ande custom code which can be inspected in the live version on the websites mentioned above. If you have any questions or need more information about the code or anything else feel free to contact us. We will soon publish all of the code.

You can check out and get more information about Parallel Profits here:

CSS Framework Updated for 2019 –  Parallel Profits Training course Is Closed, but we Took Knowledge Business Blueprint Instead

We just decided to get away from the Parallel Profits course and cooperate with Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins on their new project called Knowledge Business Blueprint. The Bluetrip framework will be implemented in a few days and test will be done shortly after that. We will be releasing the first updates approximately on the 6th of May 2019.

Knowledge Business Blueprint will be launched on 30th of April and will be open for less than 13days. The course is promising to teach their students how they are able to leverage their knowledge and share it with others to make money out of it. The course comes with a video series fully packed with content and a software called MindMint which is the brain behind that course. For more information check Tony Robbins Knowledge Business Blueprint course exposed on GFKamerica or visit the official website here:

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