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Bluetrip eCom Success Framework – How We Helped the eCom Industry?

Anybody who has been keeping up with the latest trends in the world of modern web design is aware of the growing popularity of CSS frameworks. In fact almost all designers are using them extensively in their projects and also we have been using them along with eCom Success Academy.



Frameworks enable the users to build complex web page layouts which will be rendered consistently across different browsers without creating web pages from scratch.

Just as with any other pieces of software meant to reduce development time, CSS frameworks also have pros and cons that should be thoroughly evaluated.

One of the most significant disadvantages is that CSS classes included with the frameworks lack true semantic meaning. Some purist designers will refuse to use frameworks because of this while others will see this as an irrelevant factor.

On the other hand, reputable and well trusted CSS frameworks such as BluePrint CSS, for example, include truly handy features like proven capabilities and the ability to create web layouts using a consistent grid. Get more here: www.ecomsuccessacademy.net

Despite all the opinions people may have about them, CSS frameworks are here to stay and are some of the most powerful frameworks that deserve a close look inside eCom Success Academy review. Find more info here: https://ecomsuccessacademy.net/ecom-success-academy-review/

In this group of articles, I am going to talk about BlueTrip CSS framework (https://bluetrip.org), which claims that it has put together the best features offered by BluePrint CSS and Tripoli which is another popular contender in this dynamic terrain.

I have been using BlueTrip CSS for a few months for building grid-based web page designs. What I found out is that BlueTrip is very easy to learn. Plus, it comes with a neat group of reset, print and text styles that will make your life much easier especially if you need to develop websites with a tight headline.

You can find the latest news about the eCom success academy CSS eCommerce framework updates here: https://www.facebook.com/eComsucessacademy and here:https://twitter.com/e_Comsuccess

eCom Success Academy 2018 New Release

As you may already know eCom Success Academy will release their new features in March 2018. Adrian Morrison who is the man behind the software and training system hasn’t revealed any special insights to the public yet, but you will be able to find a detailed review and all of the insights behind the course on GFK’s recent review of eCom success academy.

eCom Success Academy 2019 Update – What’s New?

Adrian Morrisons best selling course is getting a new touch again – the 2019 updates is being released in matter of weeks. In the meantime the course has become the official Shopify training course and the best selling eCommerce course of 2018. Adrian Morrison has decided to give the course another update – most of them are about facebook optimization, print on demand strategies, instagram ads, a new 30 day live bootcamp where he will teach everyone live for 30 straight days. You can find the full review and insight about eCom Success Academy 2019 on GFKamerica. The course will be only available for 10 days and will close after that probably for the whole year. We will update you about new details as we get some more details about it. Stat tuned..



Short – update – GFkamerica

We just got word that our previous project for gfkamerica resulted in a new one.

The css framework had to be customized for two other pages at their website. The framework was done for the pages for big oney business coach and the dropship on demand by Don Wilson.

You can see that the dropship on demand is a course by Don Wilson, that is the man behind gearbubble.com and has put together a course that reveals the strategies used to scale an ecommerce business to 7 figures per month. You can check out dropshipod.com analysis here.

The other page that needed an updated css framework was the big money business coach (Christian Mickelsen)

This is a different online training course, hence the need for a completely different framework. You can see how we implemented the changes at gfkamerica.com.

We think we did a good job helping them out and are looking forward to helping them with any other projects they might have. You can contact us via our form if you need help with anything.

The last, but not least, we also did an updated css framework for the super affiliate system 2.0 by John Crestani. If you are interested check out this page for more information.

For all future updates, visit our website on a regular basis and hope to give you guys (and gals) awesome updates in the future.

New CSS Framework Update for Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker.

Jeff Walker recently released the new update of his best-selling program called Product Launch Formula. The Bluetrip team was officially working on his website using the latest CSS framework updates to makes Jeff’s training course as professional as possible. Jeff’s clients are mostly people who invest big money and expect something big in return. You can check out the official review on GFKamerica, where you will be able to find all of the information needed + you will be able to check out the CSS framework created by Bluetrip.

CSS Framework Updated for 2019 and Parallel Profits Training course

We are releasing the latest CSS framework updated tested on the new Parallel Profits website by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton: theparallelprofits.com

The latest results of our testing and the full review + insights are available on the GFKamerica review website.

The parallel profits is a newly developed search engine marketing course by the online gurus Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Aidan and Steve have been running this business for about 9 years and have massive experience hot to get it started from scratch. They have gathered and published all of the experience in their latest course called parallel profits.

Bluetrip has developed a custom CSS framework for their website, which from the beginning had special requirements – a community dashboard, support options, social share buttons, video collection, live calls etc. We developed a special ande custom code which can be inspected in the live version on the websites mentioned above. If you have any questions or need more information about the code or anything else feel free to contact us. We will soon publish all of the code.

You can check out and get more information about Parallel Profits here:

CSS Framework Updated for 2019 –  Parallel Profits Training course Is Closed, but we Took Knowledge Business Blueprint Instead

We just decided to get away from the Parallel Profits course and cooperate with Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins on their new project called Knowledge Business Blueprint. The Bluetrip framework will be implemented in a few days and test will be done shortly after that. We will be releasing the first updates approximately on the 6th of May 2019.

Knowledge Business Blueprint will be launched on 30th of April and will be open for less than 13days. The course is promising to teach their students how they are able to leverage their knowledge and share it with others to make money out of it. The course comes with a video series fully packed with content and a software called MindMint which is the brain behind that course. For more information check Tony Robbins Knowledge Business Blueprint course exposed on GFKamerica or visit the official website here: www.theknowledgebusinessblueprint.net


eCommerce framework industry case study

How to get your Framework Business to 6-7 Figures in under one year

The Perfect Bluetrip’s E-commerce Framework

We have been around for some time now, but for those of you, not that familiar with us, we are an open-source e-commerce platform that’s built on Bluetrip Framework. We enable developers, agencies, and retailers to create completely reactive online stores using our fully customizable toolset and dynamic interface. Using Docker, Node.js, and Meteor, our platform is powered by cutting-edge tech and an extremely collaborative open-source community from all over the world.Circle around eCommerce Website

The Early 6 Steps of our Business Framework

As one of the early-stage startups built leading frameworks like Bluetrip, we have done our fair share of code refactoring, all-around experimenting, and migrations. Back in 2013, JavaScript’s ecosystem was very much like the Wild Wild West. With tons of different tools for building, testing and deploying a site, while offering very few cohesive platforms, things would sometimes get quite hectic. Redux, React, and ES6 hadn’t yet been conceived, and Bluetrip was still an infant” it was still at its 0.5.0 release (that’s before its version 1.0 officially debuted!).

And even then, we knew that the Bluetrip platform would be a game changer that would value in the industry, and that is why we have been part of the Bluetrip community through every single release” right from the preproduction-ready iteration, to version 1.4.1. Somehow, we always understood that if we were to build a unique platform that could take away all the pains and aches of creating an online store, then be working with Bluetrip was the only option there was. Get more information here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/7-figure-cycles

Why We Went With Bluetrip Framework and Shopify Plus

To continuously and consistently improve on Reaction while our ecosystem got established on some standards, we opted to focus our efforts on a single platform like Shopify Plus and Oberlo instead of on a hodge-podge of different tools. Bluetrip hasn’t only given us all that we could ever need, and all in one neat package, but it’s also kept us up to date with the ever-changing architectural stride of JavaScript’s ecosystem” a system that has just recently begun to settle.

Apart from looking to build an e-Commerce solution that was both modern and fast, we also understood, from the word go, that it the platform would have to be entirely written in an equally event-driven language” JavaScript, the most common web language. A responsive environment that would make updates in real-time a reality was also vital to us. We wanted to work with a framework that would permit us to run the same codebase on the server-side and client-side, directly saved to a single database and in a seamless manner.

In the video you can take a look at Business Management Framework Presentation.

Shopify Plus and Oberlo Running On Bluetrip Scripts

The founders of Shopify Plus and Oberlo have recently confirmed that both systems will run on the new Bluetrip codes after the update. Bluetrip has enabled lots of new options for Shopify and Oberlo. Both selling platforms are more flexible when it comes to designs and responsiveness. The Bluetrip code has also made it easier to implement different payment processors and stock tracking programs. If you need more information about the Shopify plus platform you can check out the review on GFKamerica here: https://ecomsuccessacademy.net/shopify-plus-pricing.

You can get more information about the Oberlo sourcing app, the Bluetrip insights with the application and recently published review by ecomsuccessacademy.net




Should you use CSS custom styling for affiliate websites?

If you are looking for solutions on how to stylize your affiliate marketing websites you must have heard of CSS.

Now, I have to say that if you are looking for simple solutions, I would first suggest to go after the “done for you” solutions available (i.e. Click Funnels, Lead Pages etc.).

On the other hand if you want something more robust with an option to stylize to your liking, you should learn to do some basic CSS. On good example of a good “done for you” solution is this page at gfkamerica.com of the profit engine course by Mark Ling.

By using custom CSS styling, you can optimize and stylize your pages to your liking. Almost every aspect of the page can be modified, from the simplest (fonts) to the image positioning and much much more.

The best way to get started is by simply going to the google or youtube search engine and search for something like: “css tutorials” . This will give you a basic overview on how to do it. Sometimes, the easiest solution is to find a code already written and just simply paste that into your css section.

If you are using wordpress there is a great plugin that enables you to add your own css to any page on your site.

This is  great video on how to add css in wordpress:

Armed with this knowledge, you are now able to go out there and customize your website if needed.

Can The Bluetrip CSS Framework Be Used on Viddyoze 3.0?

The Bluetrip team has just tried out the new Viddyoze video creation tool designed for affiliate websites and found out that both of the programs work together like a charm. You don’t even need an extra plugin to make to import the created Viddyoze movies – you just simply import them via the Viddyoze add manager. If you need more information about the Viddyoze video creation tool you can check out the review by gfkamerica


Bluetrip CSS framework for online marketing projects

[parallax-scroll id=”92″]

How Do You Use CSS for Your Email Marketing Projects?

CSS is one crucial element in developing compelling websites and email marketing templates. Dealing with it can be a genuine unbearable job however if you have a significant understanding of it, it can be of excellent aid in your producing fantastic sites end emails. Here are some suggestions on our framework which will help you in utilizing CSS functions well. We use examples from Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint campaign we did earlyer this year. You will be able to find more information here: inboxblueprint2.net

html css framework internet marketing websites

Sometimes it can happen that your websites does not open appropriately in some browsers. For example, you site works correctly with Web Explorer however is catastrophe with Firefox. We fixed that for the Inbox Blueprint email marketing campaign reaaly fast. When this takes place, visitors normally get disappointed and this might impact your website’s overall feel and usability. For that reason, while establishing your website architecture, you need to make sure that the design of the website looks the exact same throughout all browsers. This is the exact strategy used . Ensure that you evaluate the page throughout all web browsers throughout advancement and take continuous browser-shots to inspect distinctions. You will be able to et more info here: https://www.facebook.com/InboxBlueprint2.0

How does the Inbox Blueprint Email Marketing Campaign’s look on smaller screens?

Something you need to keep in mind is that, you need to likewise produce your website keeping in view the regular users who are less lucky to utilize the kind of high resolutions monitor you utilize for your website. You can also check out how it looks with our framework. When you establish, you need to make certain that your style looks excellent on high resolutions in addition to low resolutions screens.

CSS Frameworks and how to properly use them – The Inbox Blueprint Example

CSS Frameworks can be utilized to develop bulletproof designs that are not just suitable for different browsers. You can get a variety of CSS structures offered on the internet or from any software application advancement business. CSS structures deserves used if you are not in need of a very extreme options.

Using Generic Classes – Pros and Cons

Each time you establish a basic website architecture, you can make a basic CSS that can be utilized over and over again throughout your work instead of calling various CSS classes so that you do not need to describe the previous one any longer. This likewise guarantees you a continuous style of your website throughout the entire procedure.


CSS Framework Behind Dynamik Builder

The mockup of the website mineweb.net (an investing informational site) was build using Dynamik, however the bluetrip CSS framework was later used to customize the site to fit the owners recommendations. The way we go about using our CSS framework to help with the design of the gold IRA website like mineweb.net is to use our existing frameworks and then just slightly change it. You can see that not much is changed in this 401k best IRA rollover review. What we changed there was just the basic font weight and made sure it fits in nicely with the overall site feel.

For the other page reviewing the best precious metals IRA companies we used our framework to position elements, change the typography and some other minor tweaks. We used our own Bluetrip solution and for the typography defaults we used the Tripoli.

mineweb gold ira website bluetrip-framework

Although some critics point out  that frameworks like the bluetrip add to loading times we have managed to optimize our framework and kept the loading times very fast on the mineweb.net website. We have managed to optimize the RegalAssets Review page to load even faster than before. For this project we merged with a website designer who has helped us develop the framework even better and designed the website to be how the company wanted it to be. You can check out the overall load times and website feel at Mineweb.net – Gold IRA.
As a Bonus – You can check out this video from Mineweb.net If you are maybe interested in Gold Investing:


The Newly Designed eCommerce Business CSS Framework

The Newly Designed eCommerce Business CSS Framework – What Is New?

The globe of website design is going bananas over responsive strategy for eCommerce and other business websites. This method ensures that a desktop computer website fits in flawlessly to every mobile display size. As you can comprehend, receptive method ended up to become a rescuer for eCommerce companies that relied greatly on their mobile visitors of their 7 figure business websites.

However what exactly is a responsive style? Or rather, exactly how can it assist desktop computer websites fit in flawlessly to any kind of display dimension? Simply put, responsive style focuses on producing an business website with a grid-based layout, media questions as well as large photos. And also very soon, receptive CSS frameworks began to emerge making the job much easier for designers as well as eCommerce and business developers. Amongst numerous responsive CSS structures, two of the most prominent ones are Foundation as well as Bootstrap and 7 Figure Cycle. (official Twitter)


However prior to you begin using a receptive CSS structure, you have to know that it will use you some benefits in addition to some defects. For that reason, it is necessary for you to gauge them carefully prior to diving into the game. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of receptive CSS frameworks:

Debugging for Internet browsers

Debugging for internet browsers could come to be an incredibly taxing process. Actually, it is as prolonged as developing a website. It is a good thing that the most recent variations of prominent responsive structures like Foundation 5 and also Bootstrap 3 assistance Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and also Net Traveler 8 and its updated versions. They likewise function completely well on different sets of mobile web browsers, as these popular bluetrip CSS structures get evaluated on certain gadgets as well as browsers before the main launch of your 7 figure eCommerce website.

However, it is a significant issue if a web browser is not compatible with the framework. As I pointed out earlier, it will take a long period of time to debug the structure for a particular browser.

Personalizing the Business Documents

Foundation 5, Bootstrap 3 and 7 Figure Cycle featured common download bundles. In these plans, you could discover every necessary widget, file and style. The advantage of these packages is that you could choose the elements you wish to download and install, and also avoid the parts you do not need. Because of this, you could grab just the CSS that you require for the task. The customizing procedure is likewise easy, and you can consist of a formerly left out part with convenience with the new 7 figure eCommerce websites.

However, you will have to re-download the tailored plan when you need to upgrade your Foundation or Bootstrap version in future.

Tailoring the eCommerce Website Codes

It is not mandatory to select the layout of the right eCommerce framework, as you can tailor it with your own one-of-a-kind codes. Both Foundation, Bootstrap and 7 Figure Cycle make this easy by allowing us utilize Sass (for Foundation) and also LESS (for Bootstrap) data. If you are a skilled programmer, you can likewise create CSS from the scrape.

While Bootstrap is easier to handle when it concerns tailoring the codes for you eCommerce business website, Foundation is strictly for the seasoned designers. On the other hand, Foundation calls for just a handful of changes when compared to Bootstrap.

So, gauge your demands and capacities before you choose a receptive CSS framework. It is constantly a smarter choice to know whatever regarding a structure before you start collaborating with Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton from 7 Figure Cycle. They have just developed a new eCommerce based CSS framework which works perfectly with websites selling physical products. They have build their own 7 figure online business using this framework and they have just packed their knowledge into a course called 7 figure cycle. You can get more information about it here: www.7figurecycles.net