Adams County Jail

Located at 306 State Street, the Adams County jail accommodates an average daily population of 90 individuals. With a strong emphasis on jail security, the Sheriff’s Office ensures that all correctional officers undergo comprehensive training at the Southwest Mississippi Training Defense Academy, situated on Foster Mound Road. This training encompasses various areas such as self-defense, CPR, first-aid, OC Spray, and the majority of officers are certified in JPX training. In addition to academy training, officers must also fulfill the requirements of a state-certified curriculum.

The Adams County Jail is equipped with separate wings for male and female inmates, while juveniles are housed in a separate facility. Inmates have access to church services through the jail’s ministerial program. Drug, alcohol, and anger management meetings or counseling sessions are typically mandated by the court. The daily operations of the jail involve inmates assisting with tasks such as food service, cleaning, washing and detailing deputies’ vehicles, as well as participating in litter detail.

To ensure the well-being of inmates, the jail employs a Nurse Practitioner who is available Monday to Friday, with on-call availability 24/7. Prior to the administration of any medication, the healthcare provider must approve it. Inmates who require medication must have their family members bring the current medication in its original bottle. Any expired medication is discarded rather than provided to the inmates.

To facilitate transportation for medical appointments, court hearings, or other necessary outings, the Adams County Adult Detention Center has a dedicated full-time transport deputy. This deputy is responsible for safely transporting inmates to and from their scheduled appointments.

Visitation Guidelines

  •  Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, visitation for inmates at the Adams County Jail is currently limited to once a month. The specific dates and times for visitation need to be scheduled by contacting the jail administrator at 601-442-4199.
  • The Adams County Jail implements a non-contact visitation policy to ensure the safety of both visitors and inmates. To obtain the exact dates and times for visitation, it is necessary to contact the Adams County Jail at 601-442-4199.
  • Visitors are strictly prohibited from bringing electronic devices into the jail premises. This includes cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, or any device that can record, ring, play music, or flash pictures. If any visitor is found with an electronic device in the visiting area, they will be asked to leave, and the visit will be canceled. Moreover, the visitor may be removed from the assigned visitor’s list, and in serious cases, the offender may face suspension of all future visits.


To visit an inmate at the Adams County Detention Center, individuals must coordinate with the facility’s authorities prior to the planned visit. The designated visiting hours are as follows:

  • Weekdays: From 7:30 am to 9:00 pm
  • Weekends: From 7:30 am to 2:30 pm

Telephone Access For Inmates

All phone calls made by inmates at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Jail are either collect calls or can be facilitated through the purchase of minutes for the inmates’ account. Family members can acquire minutes for the inmates’ phone account by contacting Ally Telcom Group at 1-800-943-2189.

Mailing A Package/Letter

 Incoming mail for inmates at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office is delivered from Monday to Friday after undergoing a thorough inspection to ensure no contraband is present. It is essential that all received mail includes the sender’s first and last name on the return address, along with a complete address. Please note that packages sent through the mail will not be accepted. When addressing mail, please clearly print the address as follows:

Adams County Sheriff’s Office 

Name of Inmate 

306 State Street Natchez, MS 39120

Inmate Commissary

In the front lobby of the Adams County Jail, a convenient kiosk is provided for depositing funds into an inmate’s account. The kiosk accepts both cash and credit/debit cards, although a convenience fee is charged by the kiosk provider for each transaction. Alternatively, funds can be added to an inmate’s account through MoneyGram or online by visiting the website 

When using the online method, please ensure to enter the Location Code/Form Code for the Adams County Jail Facility, which is 5500. To obtain the inmate’s Identification (Jacket) number necessary for these transactions, it is advisable to contact jail personnel.

It is important to note that money orders are no longer the preferred method of payment. If a money order is used, it must be held for a period of 10 days before it becomes available for use by the intended party.

Information About Refunds

Refunds for inmates are provided in the form of a Debit Card, and jail personnel will provide instructions on how to generate a PIN number to access the card balance.

  • Upon an inmate’s release, any remaining money in their account is refunded to them on a debit card. Jail personnel will guide the receiving party on generating a PIN number to access the funds.
  • Inmates also have the option to request the transfer of their funds to another inmate’s account.
  • If an inmate is transferred to another facility, their funds are disbursed through a check, which is then mailed to the respective agency.
  • Money is typically released to the offender upon their release. In case of any issues, the Jail Administrator or their representative may be contacted on weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Adams County Sheriff Department

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office demonstrates a strong dedication to an important initiative aimed at collaborating with citizens to identify and pursue lasting solutions to issues concerning crime, fear of crime, neighborhood deterioration, and overall quality of life. Recognizing the significance of community connection, they strive to foster meaningful relationships among individuals. By standing together, growing together, and rising together, they aim to strengthen communities and achieve positive outcomes for all.

County Sheriff:  Travis Patten

Address:  306 State Street, Natchez, Mississippi, 39120

Telephone:  601-442-2752

Fax:  601-442-2911

Overview of Adams County

Adams County is situated in the state of Mississippi, USA. With a population of 29,538 as per the 2020 census, it serves as an important county in the region. The county seat is located in Natchez. Adams County holds the distinction of being the first county to be organized in the former Mississippi Territory. It was established in 1799 and named after John Adams, the second President of the United States.

Part of the Natchez micropolitan area, which includes both Adams County, Mississippi and Concordia Parish, Louisiana, the county boasts a rich history. It was formed from a portion of Pickering Territorial County on April 2, 1799, almost two decades before Mississippi became a state. Notably, four governors of Mississippi, namely David Holmes, George Poindexter, John A. Quitman, and Gerard Brandon, hail from Adams County.

In the year 1860, prior to the outbreak of the US Civil War, Adams County held the distinction of being the wealthiest county in the entire United States. Presently, the county is also home to the Adams County Correctional Center, a privately-operated prison managed by the Corrections Corporation of America on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The facility is located in an unincorporated area within the county.

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