Alcona County Jail

The Alcona County Jail, situated on 9 acres in the urban area of Harrisville, is a medium-sized correctional facility in Alcona County, Michigan. Constructed in 1967, this facility serves as a 31-bed institution primarily designed for housing pre-trial detainees. In addition to its incarceration functions, the Alcona County Jail offers reintegration programs tailored for male convicted offenders. The security level of the facility is categorized as medium, and it is conveniently located at 214 West Main Street, Harrisville, MI, 48740.

With an average monthly booking count of 74, the Alcona County Jail operates under the supervision of a staff comprising 138 dedicated members. Annually, the facility employs more than 15 inmates in various on-site work assignments, assisting in tasks such as kitchen operations, laundry services, and other related activities. Furthermore, the Alcona County Jail staff is responsible for the management and operation of the Alcona County Work Leave Center (WFC), which is situated just a short distance away from the correctional facility.

Visitation Protocols

 Visitors must be 18 years or older in order to visit.

  • All visitors are subject to search as a security measure.
  • Passing any form of contraband will result in prosecution and a ban from future visits.
  • Inmates with last names beginning with letters A-L are eligible for visits on Sunday and Thursday.
  • Inmates with last names beginning with letters M-Z are eligible for visits on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Each visit is limited to a duration of 15 minutes.
  • Each inmate is allowed a maximum of two 15-minute visits per visitation day.
  • Visitors must not have been lodged at the Alcona County Jail within the past two months.

Appointment Booking Procedure:

  • Appointments can be made by phone at 1-989-724-9570 or in person after 8am on the same day of the intended visit.

Visiting Hours:

  • Sunday (A-L): 12:30pm – 3:30pm
  • Wednesday (M-Z): 5:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Thursday (A-L): 5:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Saturday (M-Z): 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Inmate Commissary Funds

  • Prior to using money for commissary purchases, all booking and warrant fees must be fully paid.
  • Inmates have access to a jail commissary where they can order personal supplies, food items, and other necessities. Funds from the inmate’s personal account can be used to buy commissary items. To obtain a list of available items and instructions for ordering, individuals may request assistance from the Corrections Staff.
  • Once all booking and warrant fees have been settled, 25% of the account balance will be deducted to reimburse the County for housing, medical, dental, or any other applicable fees incurred during the period of incarceration.
  • Commissary purchases are subject to a weekly limit of $100.
  • Money orders can be sent through mail to the inmate. Additionally, a kiosk machine is available in the lobby for bond payments or adding funds to the inmate’s account using credit/debit cards or cash. Money can also be deposited into the inmate’s account through\
  • The inmate trust fund serves as a repository for inmate funds. There is no maximum limit on the amount of money an inmate can receive into their commissary account. However, transfers of funds between inmate accounts are not permitted at any time.

Inmate Healthcare Provision

The Alcona County Jail has a current contract with Advance Correctional Healthcare for its medical staff. Health services provided by the jail are accredited by the National Commission on Corrections Health Care.

More information about Advance Correctional Healthcare can be found at their website:

Medical Treatment:

  • No inmate will be denied medical treatment due to inability to pay.
  • Inmates in need of medical attention should inform the Duty Corrections Officer and request an Inmate Sick Care Request Form. The completed form will be forwarded to the Jail medical staff for review.
  • If an inmate has a medical emergency, it should be immediately reported to the Duty Corrections Officer to arrange for prompt treatment.
  • Inmates who are expected to remain in custody at the Alcona County Jail for fourteen (14) days or longer are eligible for a Health Appraisal, including a TB test, conducted by the Jail medical staff at no cost.

Mental Health Services:

  • Mental health services and evaluations are provided by Northeast Michigan Community Mental Health.
  • Inmates wishing to speak with the Mental Health doctor should fill out a Sick Call slip and consult with the Nurse, who will determine if an appointment with the Mental Health doctor is necessary.
  • In case of a crisis requiring immediate assistance, inmates should notify the Jail staff, who will contact the appropriate crisis worker.
  • More information about Northeast Michigan Community Mental Health can be found at their website:

Medical Items and Medication:

  • Prior approval from healthcare staff and a jail supervisor is required for anyone delivering medical items, including eyeglasses, to inmates.
  • Only prescribed medicine from a doctor or healthcare provider is accepted at the jail. Creams and inhalers must be new, unused, and in their original packaging. Prescription labels should display the inmate’s name, medication name, dosage, frequency, and the prescribing doctor. Prescription vials or bottles containing medications are not accepted.
  • Medical staff and/or jail staff will consult the Jail Doctor regarding all medication. The Jail Doctor will provide instructions on what medications will be allowed and what will be denied.

Mailing A Package/Letter

Personal mail refers to any mail addressed to an inmate, excluding correspondence from the inmate’s attorney of record. Inmates should not expect privacy for personal mail.

  • All inmate mail is processed through the United States Postal Service.
  • Mail from other inmates or correctional facilities will not be accepted.
  • Upon arrival, incoming mail will be opened and inspected to ensure compliance with jail regulations.
  • Any mail containing threats, escape plans, advocacy of violence, or any violation of jail policy will be censored and may be evaluated by a Deputy/Sheriff for potential prosecution.

Sending Letters to Inmates:

  • Letters can be sent to inmates on a daily basis, using the inmate’s name and the Alcona County Sheriff’s Office address. An inmate number is not required.
  • Address: Inmate Name 214 W. Main Street Harrisville, MI 48740

Prohibited Items in Letters:

  • Glitter, stickers, letters or envelopes with unknown odors or substances are not allowed.
  • Letters must be written in pen (black or blue ink), pencil, or typed.
  • Correspondence to victims of a crime is not permitted.
  • Stamps, envelopes, and extra paper should not be included in the mail.

Note: Letters containing any of the prohibited items mentioned above will be denied and placed in the inmate’s personal property.

Inmate Possessions

 Upon arrest and confinement in the jail, individuals’ personal belongings, including clothing, wallet, jewelry, and any other items they had in their possession, are carefully recorded and stored in the property room.

  • The jail ensures that inmates have all the essential items they require, either through issuance from the facility, availability for purchase from the commissary, or provision by the medical staff.
  • Inmates have the option to purchase additional items from the jail commissary, such as snacks, hygiene products, and writing supplies. They may also receive softcover books or newspapers through the mail. Books must be sent directly from a store or reputable company, like Amazon, while newspapers should be mailed directly from the publisher.
  • Although inmates may receive approved items, there are restrictions on the amount of personal property they can retain within their cells. Inmates do not have direct access to the property room.
  • Inmates are permitted to have three pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks, and three bras (without underwire) brought in by someone on their behalf. T-shirts and long underwear are not allowed. These items must be new and in unopened packages to be accepted. 

Additionally, inmates are allowed to have court clothes for a jury trial or clothes to wear upon their release brought to the jail for them.

Alcona County Sheriff Department

The operation of the Alcona County Jail falls under the responsibility of the Alcona County Sheriff’s Office. With a designated capacity of 31 beds, the jail ensures optimal supervision for its inmates. The correctional staff comprises a knowledgeable Jail Administrator and a team of eight well-trained professionals who prioritize safety within the facility and uphold a culture of respect and dignity towards all individuals.

County Sheriff : Scott A. Stephenson

Address: 214 W. Main Street Harrisville, MI 48740

Telephone: 989-724-6271


Overview of Alcona County

Alcona County, located in the state of Michigan, has a population of 10,167 according to the 2020 Census. The county seat is Harrisville, and it holds the distinction of being the first county in Michigan, as indicated on its flag. It was established by the state legislature on April 1, 1840, initially known as Negwegon County, in honor of the Chippewa chief “Little Wing,” who fought alongside the Americans in the War of 1812 against the British.

However, the county was later renamed to Alcona County on March 8, 1843, by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft. The name was a neologism created by combining elements from various Native American languages, Arabic, Greek, and Latin. The amalgamation of these components resulted in the meaning “fine or excellent plain.” Schoolcraft, an influential US Indian agent and geographer, played a significant role in this renaming process.

Throughout its history, Alcona County underwent several changes in its administrative attachments. Initially linked to Mackinac County, it later shifted to Cheboygan County in 1853, followed by Alpena County in 1857, Iosco County in 1858, and again to Alpena County in 1859. Harrisville Township, encompassing the entire county, was organized in 1860, and the county government was established on May 8, 1869.

The county proudly refers to itself as the “First of 83” on its seal, representing its alphabetical position among the counties in Michigan. However, in 2007, Alcona County faced a significant budget deficit caused by the embezzlement of funds by an official. Former County Treasurer Thomas Katona pleaded guilty to embezzling over 1.2 million dollars from county funds, which he invested in a Nigerian scam. On June 12, 2007, Katona was sentenced to 9–14 years in prison by the 23rd Circuit Court, with Judge William Myles deeming the crimes deserving of severe punishment due to the substantial amount of money involved and the number of victims affected.

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