Alger County Jail

The Alger County Jail, situated in metropolitan Munising, Alger County, Michigan, is the largest correctional facility in the area, covering an expansive 5-acre property. Constructed in 1946, the jail facility is located at 101 East Varnum Street, Munising, MI, 49862. With a capacity to accommodate 96 individuals, the Alger County Jail primarily houses pre-trial detainees. In addition to its correctional functions, the facility also offers reintegration programs for male convicted offenders, promoting their successful transition back into society.

Operating with medium security measures, the Alger County Jail plays a crucial role in ensuring public safety within the region. Supervised by a dedicated team of 86 staff members, the facility maintains a monthly average of approximately 212 bookings. This signifies the number of individuals processed into the jail on a monthly basis. To support the jail’s day-to-day operations, over 48 prisoners are employed within the facility’s in-house work programs, which include providing assistance in the kitchen, laundry services, and other necessary tasks.

Visitation Policies

Alger County Jail offers both virtual and on-site visitation options for individuals wishing to communicate with inmates. These visitations, whether conducted from the comfort of one’s home or within the confines of the Alger County Detention facility, are closely monitored and recorded for security purposes. When opting for virtual visitations at home, Alger County Jail allows a maximum of 5 visitors per session. It is important for visitors to schedule the call in advance and make the necessary payment for the visitation through the Alger County Detention Center.

For those preferring in-person visitations at Alger County Jail, the facility provides this service free of charge. However, it is crucial to schedule the visit in advance to ensure a smooth and organized experience. Visitors should follow the designated procedures and guidelines outlined by the Alger County Jail to ensure compliance and the safety of all parties involved.

To learn more about the visitation policies, scheduling procedures, and other relevant information regarding communication with inmates at Alger County Jail, individuals can refer to the official resources provided by the detention facility.


Visiting Hours:

Monday — 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Tuesday — 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Wednesday — 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Thursday — 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Friday — 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday — 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM

Sunday — 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM

Depositing Money for Inmates

Alger County Jail allows cash to be sent for prisoners to use at the facility’s grocery store. However, it is important to follow specific guidelines when sending cash to the jail. The recommended method is to utilize the services of the US Postal Service, and only Postal Prepaid Money Orders, standard money orders, or government checks are accepted. Cash, payroll checks, credit card numbers, and personal checks are not permitted.

To ensure a smooth transaction, individuals should adhere to these guidelines when sending money to Alger County Jail. By using the approved methods and avoiding prohibited forms of payment, the process of providing funds for prisoners’ use at the grocery store can be carried out effectively. It is advisable to consult the official resources or contact the Alger County Jail directly for further clarification or any specific requirements related to sending cash.

Telephone Access for Inmates

Alger County Jail has partnered with Worldwide Tel Connection as their telephone service provider for inmate calls. To fund an inmate’s phone account, individuals can visit the official website of Worldwide Tel Connection or contact them directly at 906-387-4444. It is important to note that calls made from the jail are monitored, and there are certain restrictions in place.

During phone calls, inmates are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes per call. Three-way calling is not permitted. It is crucial to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the jail, as calls may be terminated if these guidelines are not followed. By respecting these guidelines, individuals can ensure effective communication with inmates while maintaining a secure and controlled environment within the Alger County Jail.

Mailing a Package/Letter

In order to communicate with an inmate at Alger County Jail, individuals can opt for mail or letters. When sending mail, it is important to address it correctly by including the prisoner’s full reserving name (including IDN) and sending it to Alger County Jail at 101 East Varnum Street, Munising, MI, 49862. Please note that all personal mail, both incoming and outgoing, will undergo inspection to ensure no contraband is present.

To provide financial support to an inmate, there are jail ATMs conveniently located in the lobby of Alger County Jail. These ATMs can be used to send money directly to the inmate’s account, enabling them to make purchases or utilize the funds as needed. By utilizing these services, individuals can maintain contact with inmates and support them during their time at Alger County Jail.

Alger County Sheriff Department

The Alger Correctional Facility consists of six housing units, with five units being identical in design and the sixth unit having additional beds. Among these units, three are designated as General Population Level IV, one is General Population Level II, and two are specifically allocated for Segregation purposes. The Segregation Units implement an Incentives In Segregation Program aimed at encouraging positive behavior. 

Additionally, one of the Level IV General Population Units features a Re-Integration Program to facilitate offenders’ transition back into society. The Level II housing unit is dedicated to a Rescue Dog Training Program, which offers rehabilitation opportunities for both the inmates and the dogs involved. The facility also includes separate buildings for Food Service, Health Care, Maintenance, Education, and Administrative Offices, ensuring the comprehensive management of operations and services.

County Sheriff:  Todd Brock

Address:  101 East Varnum Street, Munising, Michigan, 49862

Telephone:  906-387-4444

Overview of Alger County

Alger County, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is a county with a population of 8,842 as per the 2020 Census. The county seat is Munising, and it is known for being home to the picturesque Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Alger County was established in 1885 when it was separated from Schoolcraft County. It was named after Russell Alexander Alger, a prominent figure in the lumber industry who served as Michigan Governor, US Senator, and US Secretary of War under President William McKinley’s administration.

The county government of Alger County is responsible for various essential services and operations. This includes the management of the county jail, maintenance of rural roads, administration of local courts, and the recording of important documents such as deeds, mortgages, and vital records. They also oversee public health regulations and collaborate with the state to provide welfare and social services. The county board of commissioners holds the authority to control the budget but has limited power to enact laws or ordinances. It is worth noting that in Michigan, many local government functions such as police and fire services, building and zoning regulations, tax assessment, and street maintenance, are handled by individual cities and townships.

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