Amite County Jail

The Amite County Jail, situated on a 12-acre property in metropolitan Liberty, serves as a medium-security correctional facility in Amite County, Mississippi. Established in 1987, the jail is located at 243 South Broad Street PO Box 208, Liberty, MS, 39645. With a capacity of 147 beds, the facility primarily houses pre-trial detainees and offers reintegration programming for male convicted criminals.

Ensuring the security of inmates, the Amite County Jail operates with a medium-security level. It is staffed by a dedicated team of 20 personnel who oversee the day-to-day operations and ensure the well-being of the incarcerated individuals. On average, the jail records approximately 292 bookings per month, reflecting the dynamic nature of the facility.

In addition to its primary correctional functions, the Amite County Jail engages prisoners in various in-office work lines, employing over 73 individuals annually. These work lines encompass tasks related to kitchen operations, laundry services, and other support activities. Furthermore, the jail staff is responsible for the management and operation of the Amite County Work Leave Center (WFC), conveniently located near the prison facility.

Visitation Guidelines

To visit an inmate at the Amite County Jail, it is necessary to coordinate with the facility’s authorities prior to the scheduled visit. The jail follows a specific visiting schedule to ensure orderly visitation:

  • Weekdays: Visiting hours are from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.
  • Weekends: Visiting hours are from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.

By adhering to these designated hours, visitors can plan their visits accordingly and engage with their incarcerated loved ones within the permitted time frames. It is advisable to contact the jail administration for further guidance and any specific visitation requirements.

Delivering A Mail/Package

Inmates at the Amite County Jail have the privilege to send and receive mail. To ensure proper delivery, it is essential for senders to include a return address on the envelope. The mailing address for inmates is as follows:

Inmate Name- ID Number 243 

South Broad Street PO Box 208 Liberty, MS, 39645

In addition to regular mail, inmates are permitted to receive publications directly from publishers. However, it is important to note that care packages containing items like clothing, snacks, and seasonal items must be obtained from approved third-party vendors. For any inquiries or further information regarding these procedures, individuals can contact the jail administration at 601-657-8057. They will provide the necessary guidance and address any concerns.

Depositing Money For Inmates

Families and friends of inmates at Amite County Jail have various options to deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account. The approved methods for depositing funds are as follows:

  • Onsite deposits: Visitors can make deposits at the kiosk located in the lobby of Amite County Jail. Cash, debit cards, and credit cards are accepted for these transactions.
  • Online deposits: The facility utilizes JPay, an online payment service, to receive funds. Family members can access the JPay website to make secure online deposits into the inmate’s commissary account.
  • Money orders: Money orders can be sent via the US Postal Service, Western Union, or from a reputable bank. These money orders should be made payable to the inmate’s name and ID number.
  • Phone deposits: Deposits can also be made over the phone using debit cards or credit cards. This option allows family members to conveniently add funds to the inmate’s commissary account.

These deposit methods provide flexibility and convenience for individuals who wish to support their incarcerated loved ones at Amite County Jail.

Communication Options for Inmates

At Amite County Jail in Mississippi, inmates are allowed to make phone calls to a pre-approved call list consisting mainly of friends and family members. These calls can be made through two different arrangements: direct calls via a third-party call services provider or collect calls. 

For direct calls, inmates must create an account and fund it with the necessary amount to make calls. This allows them to have more control over their phone usage and manage their call expenses accordingly.

On the other hand, collect calls can be made where the receiver of the call incurs the costs associated with the call. In this arrangement, the inmate can make the call, and the charges will be billed to the receiver’s phone account. By offering both options, Amite County Jail provides inmates with a means of maintaining communication with their approved contacts, while ensuring that the costs of the calls are managed appropriately.

Parole & Probation

In addition to accessing information about released inmates, you can also find records related to probationers in Amite County. These records provide details about individuals who were placed on probation instead of being incarcerated. Probationers are required to meet with a probation officer on a weekly basis and adhere to various rules and regulations as part of their probation terms.

Parole is a process that allows certain individuals to be released from prison before completing their full sentence, based on their good behavior while serving time. By obtaining Amite County parole records, you can gather valuable information about a person who has been granted parole, including insights into their conduct during their time in prison. Having access to both probation and parole records enables individuals to obtain comprehensive information about individuals who have interacted with the criminal justice system in Amite County.

Amite County Probation Department
Name :  Amite County Probation Department
Address :  243 South Broad Street Liberty, Mississippi 39645
Phone :  601-657-8395

Amite County Sheriff Department

The elected sheriff of Amite County holds a four-year term and serves as the county’s highest-ranking law enforcement officer. Their primary responsibilities encompass the supervision of deputies, jailers, and dispatchers within the county. The sheriff’s duties involve overseeing various law enforcement activities, including complaint investigations, patrolling county roads, executing warrants, serving legal papers, ensuring courtroom order, investigating fires, and transporting inmates and mental health patients to appointments or court proceedings.

In addition to managing law enforcement operations, the sheriff is also responsible for supervising the jailers. These individuals play a crucial role in the proper functioning of the county jail. Their responsibilities include maintaining booking records, handling fines and bonds, monitoring inmate activities and security cameras, ensuring inmate welfare by arranging medical appointments and administering medication, distributing meals, conducting cell searches, and maintaining the overall order and upkeep of the jail facility.

Furthermore, the sheriff oversees the dispatchers, who are responsible for maintaining communication with officers through radio systems, running necessary checks on licenses and vehicle tags, documenting daily activities, dispatching officers to various incidents such as crimes, accidents, and fires, and responding to emergency 911 calls. The dispatchers work around the clock to ensure a prompt and efficient emergency response. The sheriff’s role also encompasses the administration of the department, including record-keeping of bonds, fees, fines, and budget allocations. They are accountable for managing both the general department’s budget and the funds allocated for prisoner custody. Presently, the sheriff of Amite County supervises a team of approximately 25 dedicated employees.


County Sheriff : Tim Wroten

Address : PO Box 208 Liberty MS 39645-0208

Phone : 601-657-8057

Email :

Overview of Amite County

Amite County, located on the southern border of Mississippi with Louisiana, is a county with a population of 12,720 as of the 2020 census. Its county seat is Liberty, and the county is named after the Amite River, which flows through its territory. Amite County is part of the McComb, MS micropolitan statistical area.


The county was established in February 1809, originating from the eastern portion of Wilkinson County. The name “Amite” was derived from French explorers who encountered the friendly indigenous Houma people in the region and named the river after them. The county legislation appointed five commissioners to select a suitable site for the county seat, resulting in the establishment of Liberty. During that time, the county had a population of around 4,000, consisting mainly of middle-class families of Virginia descent who had migrated through other frontier states. Protestant denominations such as Baptists, Presbyterians, and Methodists were the primary religious groups in the area.


The historic courthouse in Liberty, completed in 1840, is the oldest continuously used courthouse in Mississippi. Liberty grew to become the center of justice and business in the county. The local economy revolved around the timber industry, primarily utilizing longleaf pine, as well as the cultivation of cash crops like cotton, indigo, and tobacco. These crops were cultivated on plantations worked by enslaved African Americans, leading to a significant population of enslaved individuals in the county. Even in the antebellum era, Liberty attracted notable performers and speakers, including the renowned opera singer Jenny Lind, who performed at the Walsh building in the 1850s, earning her the nickname “Swedish Nightingale.”

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