Attala County Jail

The Attala County Jail, located in Mississippi, consistently holds an average of 58 offenders in custody each day. With a monthly turnover rate of 40%, an additional 30% turnover every 90 days, 20% every six months, and approximately 10% staying incarcerated between six and twelve months, the inmate population is subject to regular changes. Each year, Attala County law enforcement agencies arrest and detain approximately 1,160 offenders.

To provide up-to-date information on the inmate population, the Attala County Jail updates charts that showcase demographics such as sex, age, ethnicity, and criminal charges. This data is sourced from the Attala County Corrections Department, the Mississippi Department of Corrections, and records from the United States Department of Justice and Census Bureau. It represents a comprehensive overview of every individual in custody in Attala County.

In terms of inmate services, the Attala County Jail ensures basic necessities for its inmates, including meals, medical and mental health care, clothing and linens, laundry facilities, and designated visitation hours. Additionally, counseling sessions are available weekly for inmates dealing with mental challenges. It is possible to search for inmates currently incarcerated in Attala County Jail and find information regarding visitation hours, the prison roster, phone number, money deposits, and mailing procedures. However, specific details about any issues or conditions at the jail are not disclosed in the search results.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art locking system and closed-circuit cameras covering all inmate areas, the Attala County Jail prioritizes security measures. On average, it houses over 500 government prisoners/detainees daily, generating revenue for the county. Inmate messaging services are facilitated through Smart Jail Mail, with kiosks available in the housing units. Additionally, the jail provides reintegration programming for inmates and is approved by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, enabling state inmates to contribute free labor to municipalities and counties through building and property maintenance initiatives.

Visitation Guidelines

The Attala County Jail, situated in Mississippi, has established specific visitation hours and regulations for visitors. Inmates are granted two 45-minute onsite video visits per week, requiring prior scheduling. Additionally, one to two in-person visits are permitted, although schedules may undergo changes with limited notice. It is advisable to contact 662-289-5556 for the latest updates on visitation arrangements. 

To plan a visit, individuals must call 662-289-5556 or 662-289-2421 between 8 am and 7 pm. It is recommended to make the visitation request one day in advance. For those interested in visiting an inmate at Attala County Jail, it is essential to coordinate with the facility’s authorities before the scheduled visit. The designated visiting hours are as follows: 

  • Weekdays: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm 
  • Weekends: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Adhering to these specified visitation hours ensures a smooth and orderly process for both visitors and inmates at Attala County Jail.


Posting A Mail/Package

Inmates at Attala County Jail have the option to receive communication through mail or letters. To send mail to an inmate, it is important to address it correctly as follows: 

Attala County Jail [Prisoner’s Full Reserving Name, including IDN] 

112 West Adams Street, Kosciusko, MS, 39090 

Please note that all personal mail, both incoming and outgoing, will be subject to inspection to ensure there is no contraband.

In terms of sending money to an inmate, there are jail ATMs conveniently located in the lobby of Attala County Jail. These ATMs can be used to facilitate monetary transactions for inmates, providing a secure and efficient method for sending funds.

Depositing Money For Inmates

To support an inmate at Attala County Jail in Mississippi, you have several approved options to deposit money into their commissary account. These include:

  1. Onsite deposits: You can visit the kiosk located in the lobby of Attala County Jail to make deposits. Accepted forms of payment at the kiosk include cash, debit cards, and credit cards.
  2. Online deposits: Attala County Jail utilizes JPay, an online payment platform, to receive funds for inmates’ commissary accounts. Through JPay, you can conveniently make secure online deposits.
  3. Money orders: You can also send money orders to the inmate’s commissary account through various channels, such as the US Post Office, Western Union, or reputable banks. Money orders provide a reliable method for depositing funds.
  4. Phone deposits: Attala County Jail allows deposits to be made over the phone using debit cards and credit cards. This option provides flexibility and convenience for those who prefer to make deposits remotely.

By utilizing these approved methods, you can ensure that funds are securely transferred to the inmate’s commissary account at Attal

Telephone Access For Inmates

Inmates at Attala County Jail in Mississippi have the privilege of making phone calls to a pre-approved list of friends and family members. These calls can be made either through a third-party call services provider or through a collect call arrangement.

For direct calls, inmates must create an account and ensure it is funded with sufficient funds to make the calls. This account-based system allows inmates to manage their phone usage and associated costs. By maintaining their account balance, they can place calls to the approved contacts on their call list.

Alternatively, inmates can make collect calls, where the receiver of the call incurs the costs associated with the call. In these cases, the person receiving the call will be responsible for the charges incurred during the conversation.

These phone call options provide inmates at Attala County Jail with a means to stay connected with their loved ones while following the approved guidelines and procedures set by the facility.

Attala County Sheriff Department

The Sheriff of Attala County is an elected official who serves a four-year term and is chosen through at-large voting. The Sheriff holds various responsibilities related to law enforcement and administration within the county.

In terms of law enforcement, the Sheriff’s primary duty is to maintain peace and order throughout the county. This includes enforcing laws, conducting investigations, and ensuring public safety. Additionally, the Sheriff serves as the county’s jailor, overseeing the operation and management of the county jail.

On the administrative front, the Sheriff has several important tasks. These include preparing and submitting a budget proposal for their office to the Board of Supervisors, maintaining Mississippi Department Reports as required by law, and keeping a jail docket that records the details of individuals held in custody.

By fulfilling these law enforcement and administrative duties, the Sheriff of Attala County plays a crucial role in upholding the law, preserving public safety, and overseeing the operation of the county jail.


County Sheriff:  Tim Nail

 Address: 102 Ridgewood Circle Kosciusko, MS 39090

 Phone:   662-289-5556

 Fax:   662-289-3476

Overview of Attala County

Attala County, situated in the state of Mississippi, is a county with a population of 17,889 as per the 2020 census. The county seat is Kosciusko. Attala County spans a total area of 737 square miles (1,910 km2), of which 735 square miles (1,900 km2) is land and 1.7 square miles (4.4 km2) (0.2%) is water. It is named after Atala, a fictional Native American heroine depicted in a 19th-century novel by François-René de Chateaubriand.

The county is bordered by the Big Black River, a significant tributary of the Mississippi River, on its western side. Attala County’s geographic features comprise predominantly land areas, with a small percentage of water bodies. The county serves as a home to a diverse population and encompasses various communities and settlements. Its county seat, Kosciusko, acts as a central hub for administrative and civic activities within the county.

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