Audrain County Jail

The Audrain County Jail, situated on 8 acres in the city of Mexico, Missouri, is a medium-sized correctional facility that serves the Audrain County community. Constructed in 1987, the facility is located at 1100 Littleby Road and operates with a minimum level of security. With a capacity to house 80 inmates, the jail primarily accommodates pre-trial detainees. In addition to its incarceration functions, the Audrain County Jail offers reintegration programs specifically designed for male convicted offenders, aiming to facilitate their successful return to society.

The official website of the Audrain County Jail provides further information and resources for individuals seeking details about the facility and its operations. The jail’s staff comprises 73 dedicated members who ensure the safety and security of the facility and its inmates. On average, the jail experiences around 250 bookings per month, reflecting its consistent role in the local criminal justice system.

Moreover, the Audrain County Jail maintains an active in-house work program, employing over 40 prisoners to assist in various operational tasks such as kitchen duties and laundry services. This program not only provides valuable support services but also offers inmates an opportunity to develop work skills and a sense of responsibility. Furthermore, the jail’s staff oversees the Audrain County Work Leave Center (WFC), conveniently located in close proximity to the main facility, where individuals serving their sentences are granted limited freedom under strict supervision.

Visitation Guidelines & Procedure

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated significant modifications in various aspects of society, including the operations of the Court of the 12th Judicial Circuit and the Audrain County Jail. In order to prioritize the safety of citizens, staff, and inmates, the Audrain County Jail has implemented immediate changes to its procedures. As a result, all non-essential civilian entry into the jail facility, including visitations from friends, family, support groups such as A.A. and N.A., as well as Jail Ministry, has been canceled until further notice. However, the public lobby entrance to the Sheriff’s Office and Jail remains open at this time.

Visitation for inmates at the Audrain County Jail is permitted on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with each visit lasting between 10 to 30 minutes per inmate. The designated visitation times vary depending on the inmate’s assigned housing unit. For instance, visitation hours for C-Pod and males in holding are scheduled on Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, while female work release inmates are eligible for visitation on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, and male work release inmates on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Different housing units have designated visitation hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

To ensure compliance with visitation regulations, only visitors whose names are listed on the visitation form are permitted to visit inmates. Exceptions to this rule include attorneys and members of the clergy. Each visitor is limited to one visitation per designated visitation day. These measures are implemented to uphold the safety and security of the facility while minimizing the potential risks associated with the ongoing pandemic.

Sending Financial Support To Inmates

Sending money to an inmate’s commissary account at Audrain County Jail in Missouri is made easy with several approved methods of deposit. These include:

  • Onsite deposits: Visitors can conveniently deposit funds at the kiosk located in the lobby of Audrain County Jail. Accepted forms of payment for onsite deposits include cash, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • Online deposits: The facility utilizes the JPay online payment system to receive funds. This secure platform enables individuals to make electronic transfers to an inmate’s commissary account.
  • Money orders: Money orders can be sent through the US post office, Western Union, or a reputable bank. This traditional method provides a reliable way to deposit funds into the inmate’s account.
  • Phone deposits: Deposits can also be made over the phone using debit cards and credit cards. This option offers convenience for individuals who are unable to visit the jail in person.

By offering these multiple means of deposit, Audrain County Jail ensures that friends and family members can easily support inmates by providing them with access to funds for commissary purchases. It is important to note that specific guidelines and potential fees may apply to each method, so it is advisable to consult the jail’s administration or refer to their official instructions for more detailed information.

Delivering A Mail/Package

Inmates at Audrain County Jail in Mexico, Missouri, have the opportunity to correspond with their loved ones through mail exchanges. It is essential to send the mail to the designated address to ensure its successful delivery. Please address the envelope as follows:

Audrain County Jail Prisoner’s Full Reserving Name 

1100 Littleby Road, Mexico, MO, 65265

To avoid any issues, it is crucial to send the mail to the correct address provided. In case the mail is sent to an incorrect address, it will be returned to the sender. By following these guidelines, friends and family members can maintain communication with inmates effectively.


Telephone Access For Inmates

At Audrain County Jail, inmates are granted the privilege to make phone calls to a pre-approved list of contacts, primarily comprising friends and family members. Inmates have two options for making calls: either through a third-party call services provider or by using a collect call arrangement.

For direct calls, inmates need to create an account with the designated service provider and ensure it is adequately funded to cover the call charges. This allows them to make calls to their approved contacts. On the other hand, with collect calls, the person receiving the call is responsible for the associated costs incurred during the conversation.

By providing these calling options, Audrain County Jail facilitates communication between inmates and their loved ones, helping them stay connected while abiding by the established guidelines and procedures.

Audrain County Sheriff Department

County Sheriff:  Matt W. Oller

Address:  1100 Littleby Road, Mexico, Missouri, 65265

Phone:  573-473-5805

Fax:  573-581-2924

Overview of Audrain County

Audrain County is situated in the central region of the state of Missouri, United States. As per the 2020 census, the county had a population of 24,962. The county seat is Mexico. It was established on December 13, 1836, and named in honor of Colonel James Hunter Audrain, a distinguished figure from the War of 1812 who later served in the state legislature.

Before its official establishment in 1836, Audrain County consisted of areas that were administered by Montgomery, Callaway, Boone, Ralls, or Monroe counties at different times. Therefore, records relating to locations now within Audrain County prior to 1836 might indicate their association with those counties instead. The Northeast Missouri Genealogy Village website provides a summary of some relevant details, and the ‘mapgeeks’ website features a dynamic map showcasing historical changes in the county’s boundaries.

During the significant period of the American Civil War, Audrain County was roughly divided in terms of loyalty, with approximately half supporting the Union and the other half supporting the Confederacy. General Ulysses Grant, who later became a prominent figure in the Union Army, briefly resided in the county during that time. While Audrain County shares historical connections with neighboring counties, it does not directly border the Missouri River.

According to publications by Confederate historians, Audrain County, along with several neighboring counties, witnessed settlement by migrants from the Upper South, particularly Kentucky and Tennessee. These settlers brought with them slaves and traditions associated with slaveholding. They engaged in agricultural practices similar to those in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky, cultivating crops like hemp and tobacco. The county was considered by these historians to be situated in the heart of what was commonly referred to as “Little Dixie.”

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Audrain County Jail

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