Barnstable County Jail

The Barnstable County House of Correctional is a medium-security prison facility located on a 10-acre property in the urban area of Bourne, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Established in 1965, it serves as a detention center for individuals awaiting trial. The prison is situated at 6000 Sheriff’s Place, Bourne, MA, 02532, and operates with minimal security measures.

With a capacity to accommodate 600 inmates, the Barnstable County House of Correctional primarily houses individuals awaiting trial. However, it also provides reintegration programs for male convicted felons, aiming to facilitate their successful return to society. 

The facility is responsible for an average monthly intake of 381 bookings, and its operations are overseen by a staff of 55 dedicated members. Each year, the prison employs over 300 inmates in various work lines within the facility, including kitchen services, laundry, and other operational tasks. This provides prisoners with the opportunity to contribute and gain valuable skills.

Furthermore, the Barnstable County House of Correctional staff manages the Barnstable County Work Leave Center (WFC), which is conveniently located near the prison, just a short distance away at a traffic light intersection.

Visitation Protocol

The Barnstable County Correctional Facility has established a comprehensive inmate visiting plan to facilitate safe and secure visits between inmates and their families, friends, and attorneys. The plan aims to maximize visiting hours while ensuring the well-being of all parties involved. To adhere to the guidelines, please note the following:

  • Visitors must register with a visits officer at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled visit time specified in the BCCF Inmate Visiting Schedule.
  • Visitors may be subject to personal searches and/or metal detector scans upon arrival.
  • BCSO security staff will take photographs of all visitors.
  • A valid photo identification is required for visitors aged 18 and above.
  • Children under the age of 18 will only be allowed to visit if accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or an authorized adult.
  • Each inmate is permitted a one-hour visit per session.
  • An inmate can receive a maximum of four visitors per day, with no more than two visitors allowed during a single visit.
  • Minor children must be supervised by adults at all times and are not permitted to stay in the BCCF waiting area or in vehicles parked on the premises without supervision.
  • Visitors with medical conditions or disabilities should inform the visits officer during the registration process.
  • All visitors must comply with the BCCF Dress Code for Visits. Failure to comply may result in denial of visitation by the BCSO.
  • Inmates and visitors are strictly prohibited from removing any articles of clothing.
  • The inmate visiting area does not allow the entry of coats, purses, backpacks, cell phones, cameras, tablets, laptops, keys, weapons, drugs, jewelry, food, drinks, and similar items. Lockers are available in the lobby waiting area for storage, requiring a deposit of $0.25.
  • All visits, except attorney visits, are recorded by the BCSO.

 The visiting schedule is as follows:

  • Weekdays: 7.30 am to 9 pm
  • Weekends: 7.30 am to 2.30 pm

Mailing a Package/Letter

Correspondence with inmates is encouraged during their time of incarceration at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility (BCCF). Inmates are allowed to send and receive unlimited mail that adheres to the guidelines outlined in the BCSO Mail Policy. To facilitate this process, the following policies are in place:

  1. Free Writing Supplies: Inmates who do not have the financial means to purchase writing supplies and postage from the facility commissary may receive writing paper, envelopes, and postage free of charge. This service allows them to send up to three letters per week without incurring any expenses.
  2. Mail Screening: All incoming mail is subject to opening and inspection by BCCF security staff to check for any prohibited items. Privileged mail from attorneys or the court will only be opened in the presence of the inmate by BCSO security staff.
  3. Outgoing Mail: Outgoing mail from inmates is stamped to indicate that it is being sent from the BCCF.
  4. Non-Compliant Correspondence: Any mail received that does not adhere to the established standards will be placed in the property room under the inmate’s name, and the inmate will be notified. They will have 30 days to retrieve or have the correspondence mailed out. After 30 days, the correspondence will be destroyed.
  5. Mail for Departed Inmates: Mail received after an inmate has left the BCCF will be forwarded whenever possible or returned to the sender.
  6. BCSO Discretion: The Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to deny any items sent to a BCCF inmate that are deemed inappropriate or non-compliant with BCSO policies. These measures are in place to maintain a safe and secure facility.

It is important to note that the policies of the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office are subject to change without prior notice. The BCSO also retains the right to return any mail to the sender if it is found to be inappropriate or does not conform to the aforementioned BCSO Mail Rules and Policies.

Telephone Access for Inmates

Inmates at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility have the privilege of making outgoing calls to their friends and family using the inmate telephone system provided by Securus Technologies. Upon booking, inmates can open a deposit account through Securus, allowing funds to be deposited by their loved ones to facilitate phone calls. The current policy permits inmates to list up to ten phone numbers that they can call during their time of incarceration.

When an inmate initiates a call, the receiver will see that it is a call from an inmate at the BCCF. They have the option to accept or deny the call before being connected. Each call has a maximum duration of thirty minutes. However, inmates are not permitted to receive incoming calls.

In the event of an emergency where outside parties need to provide an inmate with vital information, the call must be made to the BCCF and will be evaluated by the Facility Shift Supervisor. Before informing the inmate of the emergency situation, BCSO staff will verify all details provided by the caller.

It is important to note that all inmate telephone conversations, except for calls between inmates and their legal counsel, are recorded. The BCSO reserves the right to suspend or limit an inmate’s telephone privileges, excluding attorney calls, as a disciplinary measure, part of administrative actions, or if the use of the telephone poses a security threat.

To deposit funds into an inmate’s account and ensure they can stay connected with their loved ones, individuals can visit the Securus website.

Transferring Funds for Inmates

Upon booking into the Barnstable County Correctional Facility, an account is established for each inmate. This account enables friends and family members to deposit funds, which can be used by the inmate to purchase personal items, snacks, postage, and other necessities from the facility commissary. To deposit funds into an inmate’s account, there are four available methods:

  1. Toll-Free Call: Dial 1-866-345-1884 to make a deposit via phone.
  2. Online: Visit the Access Corrections website to deposit funds electronically.
  3. In-Person: Visit the Barnstable County Correctional Facility between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., any day of the week. Utilize the canteen kiosk located in the facility lobby to make a deposit using cash or credit cards. Please note that the maximum daily deposit allowed is $300, and cash denominations between $5 and $100 are accepted.
  4. Mail: Send a money order or bank check (personal or payroll checks are not accepted) to the following address: Inmate’s Name and ID# c/o Barnstable County Correctional Facility 6000 Sheriff’s Place Bourne, MA 02532

Make the money order or bank check payable to the inmate’s name. Additionally, remember to include your name and address on the check, even if it is a bank check, to ensure confirmation of receipt.

It is important to note that inmates are not permitted to have money in their possession during their incarceration. Therefore, any funds found on an inmate at the time of booking are deposited into their account, known as the inmate’s canteen account.

Barnstable County Sheriff Department

The Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) is dedicated to achieving true public safety through a focus on corrections, rehabilitation, and treatment. Their core mission revolves around addressing the root causes of criminal behavior and ensuring that individuals do not re-offend. Within their jail and house of correction, the BCSO works to create pathways that tackle the underlying issues behind criminal behavior.

To accomplish this, the BCSO implements a continuum of care that offers a range of services. These services are designed to provide inmates with connections to the external community, enabling them to access addiction and mental health treatment, education, employment, and housing opportunities upon their release. By addressing these root causes and establishing supportive pathways, the BCSO aims to promote successful reintegration into society and reduce the likelihood of future criminal activity.


County Sheriff:  Donna D. Buckley

Address:  6000 Sheriff’s Place, Bourne, Massachusetts, 02542

Telephone:   508-563-4300


Overview of Barnstable County

Barnstable County is situated in the state of Massachusetts in the United States. According to the 2020 census, the county had a population of 228,996 people. Its county seat is Barnstable. The county encompasses Cape Cod and its associated islands, although some nearby islands fall within Dukes County and Nantucket County.

The formation of Barnstable County took place on June 2, 1685, as a part of the Plymouth Colony. It included towns such as Falmouth, Sandwich, and others located to the east and north on Cape Cod. The Plymouth Colony merged into the Province of Massachusetts Bay in 1691.

The description of Cape Cod can be found in a letter written by Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano to King Francis I of France. The letter detailed Verrazzano’s voyage to the New World on behalf of the French crown aboard the ship Dauphine, the only surviving vessel of a fleet of four. Departing from Madeira in 1524, the Dauphine arrived in North Carolina in March, then sailed north to Newfoundland, mapping the coast and interacting with the native people. Verrazzano found the natives friendly south of the cape but unfriendly to the north. The Dauphine encountered challenging shoals, identified as Nantucket Shoals, extending from the continent fifty leagues out to sea. Verrazzano referred to them as Armellini. On the other side of the shoals, there was a promontory, likely the cape itself, which they followed for “fifty leagues.” The details of the northern end are not provided, but they eventually reached a “high country, full of very dense forests, composed of pines,” resembling the coast of Maine.

In 1603, another expedition set sail from Bristol, England, led by Captain Martin Pring aboard two ships, the Speedwell and the Discoverer. Pring, at the age of 23, had obtained permission from Sir Walter Raleigh, who held exploration rights to all of North America from Queen Elizabeth I, despite her recent death.

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