Becker County Jail

The Becker County Jail, situated at 925 Lake Street, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501, serves as an adult correctional facility overseen by the Becker County Sheriffs in accordance with state laws. The dedicated staff at this facility consists of a jail superintendent, 5 sergeants, and 14 correction deputies. These experienced correction officers are responsible for the day-to-day supervision and care of the inmates housed in the Becker County Jail. On average, the facility accommodates 48 inmates each day, with a total of 1124 bookings recorded annually.

In order to support the rehabilitation and well-being of the incarcerated individuals, the Becker County Jail offers various correctional programs. These programs aim to address specific needs and promote positive change among the inmates. Examples of the programs available include alcohol and drug dependency counseling, Bible study sessions, anger management courses, and assistance with Adult Basic Education and GED preparation. By providing these valuable resources, the Becker County Jail strives to facilitate the personal growth and development of the individuals under their supervision.

Inmate Visitation Guidelines

The County Jail in Minnesota permits inmates to have visitors, subject to the condition that the visitors are listed on the inmate’s approved visitor’s list. Each inmate is granted one or two visits per week, with visitation durations ranging from 15 minutes to one hour. To ensure a smooth process, visits must be scheduled in advance, within the time frame of 8:15am to 4pm, from Tuesday through Sunday. Additionally, the jail offers the option of online visitations, allowing a maximum of two visitors per session. Similar to in-person visits, online visits must be scheduled ahead of time. For detailed information regarding visitation hours and policies, individuals are encouraged to consult the jail’s official website or directly contact the facility.


Visiting Hours:

Monday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Tuesday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Wednesday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Thursday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Friday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday: 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM

Sunday: 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM


Posting A Mail/Package

Inmates at the County Jail in Minnesota have the privilege of sending and receiving mail. It is important for senders to include a return address on the mail to ensure proper delivery to the intended recipients. The designated mailing address for inmates is as follows: Inmate Name- ID Number, 925 Lake Street, Detroit Lakes, MN, 56501. In addition to regular mail, inmates are permitted to receive publications, provided that they are sent directly from the publishers.

When it comes to care packages containing items like clothing, snacks, or seasonal goods, they must be obtained from approved third-party vendors. These vendors have been authorized by the jail administration to ensure compliance with regulations and safety protocols. If there are any inquiries or concerns regarding care packages or other related matters, individuals can reach out to the jail administration directly. Contact can be made by calling 218-847-2661 or 218-847-2939.

It’s important to note that specific guidelines and restrictions may apply to mail, publications, and care packages. Therefore, individuals should refer to the jail’s official policies and contact the administration for further information or clarification.

Depositing Money For Inmates

At Becker County Jail in Minnesota, it is possible to send money to an inmate’s commissary account. The approved methods of depositing funds into the account are as follows:

  1. Onsite deposits: Visitors can deposit money at the kiosk located in the lobby of Becker County Jail. Cash, debit cards, and credit cards are accepted for these deposits.
  2. Online deposits: The facility utilizes JPay online payment service to receive funds. Family and friends can make secure online deposits into the inmate’s commissary account.
  3. Money orders: Money orders can be sent through the US post office, Western Union, or a reputable bank. These money orders should be addressed to the inmate and include the inmate’s name and identification number.
  4. Phone deposits: Money can be deposited into the inmate’s commissary account over the phone. Debit cards and credit cards are accepted for these transactions.

It is important to follow the approved methods of depositing money to ensure that the funds reach the inmate’s commissary account promptly. For further details or any inquiries regarding the deposit process, it is recommended to contact Becker County Jail directly.

Telephone Access for Inmates

At Becker County Jail in Minnesota, inmates have the privilege of making phone calls to a pre-approved list of contacts, primarily consisting of friends and family members. There are two methods through which inmates can make calls: direct calls and collect calls.

For direct calls, inmates are required to create an account with a third-party call services provider and fund it accordingly. This allows them to make calls using the available funds in their account. The inmate is responsible for managing their account and ensuring they have sufficient funds to make calls.

Alternatively, inmates can also make collect calls, where the recipient of the call is responsible for covering the call costs. In this arrangement, the person receiving the call will be charged for the call on their phone bill or may need to set up a collect call account with their service provider.

It is important to note that the call list for inmates is pre-approved, and only individuals on the approved list will be able to receive calls from the inmate. The specific procedures and options for making phone calls may vary, so it is advisable to contact Becker County Jail directly for further information and clarification.

Becker County Sheriff Department

Located in the southern region of Minnesota, Becker County is home to the county seat of Detroit Lakes. Established in 1858, Becker County has a population of approximately 34,098 residents.

County Sheriff : Todd D. Glander

Address:  925 Lake Avenue, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, 56501

Phone:  218-847-2939

Fax:  218-847-1604

Overview of Becker County

Becker County, located in the state of Minnesota, is a county with a population of approximately 35,183 residents, according to the 2020 census. The county seat is Detroit Lakes. A portion of the White Earth Indian Reservation extends into the county. It was officially established on March 18, 1858, and organized in 1871. The county was named after George Loomis Becker, who declined a seat in Congress when Minnesota became a state, opting instead to have a county named after him.

The city of Detroit Lakes was founded in 1871 by Colonel George Johnston. Its rapid growth was spurred by the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad, attracting settlers from New England. In an election held in 1877, Detroit Lakes was chosen as the county seat, winning with an overwhelming 90% majority. Other towns like Frazee, Lake Park, and Audubon were also contenders for the title.

Over the years, Detroit Lakes flourished with the establishment of various businesses, including hotels, a bank, a newspaper, and an opera house. The county’s first courthouse was built in 1884, and in 1885, the first county fire department was established. The Soo Line Railroad extended its line through the county in 1903.

The city of Detroit Lakes is home to a park dedicated to the Grand Army of the Republic, which was rededicated on April 15, 2015, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s end and President Lincoln’s death. The rededication ceremony was sponsored by Colonel Tom Mortenson and his wife, Pam, representing the Women’s Relief Corps, a community organization that supported the park’s improvements, including new signage and a time capsule to be opened on the park’s 200th anniversary.

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