Beltrami County Jail

The Beltrami County Jail, located in Minnesota, originally had an approved capacity of 140 inmates, as determined by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. However, due to issues concerning capacity and staffing shortages, the jail received an order from the Department of Corrections in January 2023 to reduce its inmate capacity. Consequently, the operational capacity was lowered to 118 inmates in December 2019.

To address the challenges faced by the Beltrami County Jail, the Department of Corrections mandated the submission of a plan to decrease both the approved capacity and the operational bed capacity by the end of the business day. As a result, the approved capacity of the jail has been further reduced to 80 inmates, while the operational bed capacity has been adjusted to accommodate up to 72 inmates.

Notably, the Beltrami County Jail is a unique facility as it combines a podular, remote supervision unit with a minimum security direct supervision unit. However, recent reports have highlighted deteriorating conditions and safety concerns for both inmates and staff. Consequently, the Minnesota Department of Corrections has taken action to address these issues by ordering a reduction in inmate capacity. Additionally, the county has made the decision to construct a new facility to replace the current one, aiming to provide improved conditions and safety standards for all involved.

Visitation Guidelines

The Beltrami County Jail, situated in Minnesota, permits inmates to have one to two visits per week, with each visit lasting for 30 minutes. The facility also offers the option of remote visitation, with potentially no limit on the number of visits. All visits are conducted as non-contact visits, separated by a glass partition. To ensure a visit, it is necessary to schedule it in advance within the designated timeframe of 8:15 am to 4 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. For more specific information about visitation hours, the prison roster, contact details, sending money, and other related details, individuals can refer to various websites.

When planning a visit to an inmate at the Beltrami County Jail, it is important to coordinate with the facility’s authorities before the scheduled visit. The visiting schedule at the jail follows the following timings:

  • Weekdays: 7:30 am to 9 pm
  • Weekends: 7:30 am to 2:30 pm

By adhering to the provided visiting hours and following the necessary procedures, individuals can ensure a smooth visitation experience at the Beltrami County Jail.

Mailing A Package/Letter

Inmates at the Bemidji-based Beltrami County Jail in Minnesota have the privilege to send and receive mail. To ensure proper delivery, senders must include a return address on the mail intended for the recipients. The designated mailing address for the jail is as follows: 

Inmate Name – ID Number 

626 Minnesota Avenue Northwest, Bemidji, MN, 56601

In addition to mail, inmates are also allowed to receive publications; however, it is important that these publications are directly mailed from the publishers themselves. When it comes to care packages, which may include items such as clothing, snacks, and seasonal items, they must be acquired from approved third-party vendors. For any inquiries or questions regarding mail, publications, or care packages, individuals can contact the administration of the Beltrami County Jail at 218-333-4189

Providing Inmates With Financial Assistance

At the Beltrami County Jail in Minnesota, individuals have the option to send money to an inmate’s commissary account. The approved methods for depositing funds into the account include:

  • Onsite deposits: Visitors can make deposits at the kiosk located in the lobby of the Beltrami County Jail. Accepted forms of payment at the kiosk include cash, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • Online deposits: The facility utilizes the JPay online payment system to receive funds. Individuals can make deposits securely through the JPay platform.
  • Money orders: Money orders can be sent through the US post office, Western Union, or a reputable bank. These money orders should be addressed to the inmate and include their name and ID number.
  • Phone deposits: Deposits can also be made over the phone using debit cards or credit cards. This option allows individuals to conveniently add funds to an inmate’s commissary account.

These various methods provide flexibility for individuals who wish to support inmates by depositing money into their commissary accounts at the Beltrami County Jail.

Telephone Access For Inmates

Inmates at Beltrami County Jail in Minnesota have the privilege of making phone calls to a pre-approved call list, primarily consisting of friends and family members. These calls can be made through either a direct call service provided by a third-party call services provider or a collect call arrangement. Here are the steps to set up phone calls with an inmate:

  • Register or log in to your account with RELIANCE Telephone, a designated phone service provider for the jail.
  • Explore the communication options available and select a plan that suits your needs.
  • Choose Beltrami County Jail as the correctional facility, and then select the specific inmate you wish to fund for phone calls.

By following these instructions and utilizing RELIANCE Telephone’s services, you can establish communication channels with inmates at Beltrami County Jail, ensuring that you can stay connected with your loved ones during their time of incarceration.

Beltrami County Sheriff Department

County Sheriff:  Jason Riggs

Address:  613 Minnesota Avenue NW Bemidji, MN 56601

Phone:  218-333-9111

Overview of Beltrami County

Beltrami County, located in the northern region of Minnesota, is a county with a rich history and natural beauty. According to the 2020 census, the county has a population of 46,228 residents. Bemidji serves as the county seat and is well-known for being the first city on the Mississippi River. The county derives its name from Giacomo Beltrami, an Italian explorer who extensively explored the area in 1825. Beltrami County was established in 1866 and organized in 1896.

Beltrami County encompasses the Bemidji, MN Micropolitan Statistical Area. It is also home to portions of the Leech Lake and Red Lake Indian reservations, highlighting the county’s cultural diversity. The scenic northernmost stretch of the Mississippi River flows through the southern part of the county, adding to its natural allure. Notably, Beltrami, Renville, and Stearns counties are the only counties in Minnesota that share borders with nine other counties.

The southwest corner of Beltrami County is recognized as part of the Mississippi River’s headwaters, where the river begins its journey eastward and northeastward from Lake Itasca. The county’s landscape predominantly consists of gently rolling hills, covered with lush trees and interspersed with numerous lakes and ponds. This picturesque environment contributes to the county’s appeal and offers opportunities for outdoor activities and recreational pursuits.

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