Bristol County Jail

The Bristol County Jail & House of Corrections, located in metropolitan North Dartmouth, is the largest correctional facility in Bristol County, Massachusetts. Situated on 2 acres of land, the facility has been in operation since 1943. It is conveniently situated at 400 Faunce Corner Road, North Dartmouth, MA, 02747.

With a capacity of 1100 beds, the Bristol County Jail & House of Corrections primarily houses pre-trial detainees. However, it also provides reintegration programs for male convicted offenders. The facility operates at a medium security level, ensuring the safety and well-being of both staff and inmates. Located in North Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, it plays a crucial role in the local criminal justice system.

On average, the Bristol County Jail & House of Corrections sees approximately 271 bookings per month. The facility is staffed by a dedicated team of 150 personnel who oversee the operations and ensure the smooth functioning of the facility. Furthermore, the facility actively engages over 550 inmates in various in-house work lines, such as kitchen and laundry services, providing essential support and valuable opportunities for skill-building and rehabilitation.

In addition to its primary functions, the staff of the Bristol County Jail & House of Corrections also manages the Bristol County Work Leave Center (WFC). Situated in close proximity to the prison, the WFC offers a supervised environment for individuals who are eligible for work release programs, facilitating their reintegration into the community while maintaining appropriate oversight.

Visiting An Inmate

The Bristol County Sheriff’s Office has established a dedicated Hotline for families to address any concerns they may have. This hotline serves as a direct line of communication between the Sheriff’s Office and the families of inmates. In the event that a call is not immediately answered, individuals are encouraged to leave a detailed message, and a knowledgeable staff member will promptly return their call. This initiative reflects the commitment of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office to provide assistance and support to families during the incarceration period.

Dartmouth Jail & House of Correction (Main Visiting Room)

  • Monday to Friday – 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Dartmouth Women Center (DWC Visiting Room)

  • Saturday & Sunday- 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Inmate Phone System

The management of the Inmate Phone System at the correctional facility is entrusted to Securus Technologies. To receive phone calls from an inmate, individuals are required to create an account with Securus Technologies to facilitate payment for the calls. The provided links offer detailed information on how to establish an account and begin receiving calls from the correctional facility. Additionally, inmates have the option to receive social/non-legal e-messages on their tablets from external sources, such as friends and family members. To enable this service, the external source must acquire a coupon from the Securus Technologies website, which allows the inmate to electronically respond to the e-messages. Accessing the provided links will guide individuals through the process of setting up an account with Securus Technologies. It is important to note that having an account is necessary to utilize these services. 

Posting A Mail For Inmate

Inmates at the correctional facility are permitted to send and receive mail. All incoming mail must have proper postage and be correctly addressed on the envelope. The sender’s return address should also be included. Upon arrival, incoming inmate mail is subject to a thorough search to detect any prohibited items. Any items that are not authorized for inmate possession are considered contraband and will be confiscated. If contraband items pose a significant security threat, they will be referred to investigators for potential criminal prosecution. 

Examples of contraband items include weapons, tools, narcotics, tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, medication, and sexually explicit materials. Both the sender of the contraband and the involved inmate may be investigated by officials from the Sheriff’s Office. For security reasons, the Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to temporarily suspend or modify the regular inmate mail services. However, every effort will be made to restore the normal inmate mail services as quickly as possible.

Sending Money To An Inmate

Money Orders should be made payable to “ACCESS SECURE DEPOSITS,” and a deposit slip must be completed with the Inmate’s Name and ID Number. The filled-out deposit slip, along with the money order, should be sent to the designated address provided:

Secure Deposits – Bristol County

P.O. Box 12486

St. Louis, MO 63132

With the updated system in place, there will no longer be a ten-day hold on any money orders. Instead, the funds will be directly deposited into the inmate’s account upon delivery to Access Corrections Secure Deposits. It’s important to note that money orders sent through the mail will no longer be accepted after August 7, 2017. Family members can still deposit funds into an inmate’s account through various channels such as phone, KIOSK, or internet. These services are available 24/7 throughout the year, offering greater convenience and flexibility.

For property exchanges, pick-ups, and clothing exchanges, appointments are required at the Dartmouth House of Correction and Ash Street Facility from Monday to Friday. Walk-ins will be advised to call back and schedule an appointment. Clothing restrictions apply, including items like underwear, gym wear, shorts, sweat suits, sneakers, shoe laces, belts, ties, and any clothing with holes, rips, or tears. Property exchanges are not available on weekends or holidays. Unclaimed inmate property will be disposed of by the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office after 30 days from the inmate’s release. To schedule an appointment, please contact 508.995.6400 ext 2411.

Inmate Programs

The Bristol County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to offering a wide range of programs and services to individuals under their supervision. Inmates and detainees are strongly encouraged to engage in educational, vocational, and self-improvement programs during their time in the facilities. These programs aim to support rehabilitation and provide valuable skills prior to their release.

The Bristol County Sheriff’s Department provides the following programs: 

  • Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) Therapeutic Community 
  • R.U.L.E Program/Sex Offender Program 
  • Compulsive Behavior/Behavior Modification 
  • Psychological Education Program (PEP) 
  • Community Work Programs 
  • Bio-Hazard Training Class 
  • Food Preparation Program 
  • Vocational Programs, including Automotive, Food Safety and Sanitation, OSHA Safety Program, and Small Engine Repair 
  • Religious Programs

These programs offer a comprehensive approach to address various needs and promote personal development and positive change. Inmates and detainees are encouraged to actively participate in these programs to enhance their prospects for a successful reintegration into society.

Bristol County Sheriff Department

County Sheriff :  Paul Heroux

Address:  400 Faunce Corner Road North Dartmouth, MA 02747

Phone:   (508) 995-1311


Overview of Bristol County

Bristol County, located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is a vibrant county with a population of 579,200 as of the 2020 census. Taunton serves as the county’s shire town, hosting some governmental functions. Responsibilities are divided among the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the county, and local towns and cities. Situated in the Providence-Warwick, RI-MA Metropolitan Statistical Area, Bristol County is also part of the broader Boston-Worcester-Providence, MA-RI-NH-CT Combined Statistical Area. It shares borders with the state of Rhode Island and is adjacent to the Massachusetts counties of Plymouth, Norfolk, and Dukes (via water), as well as the Rhode Island counties of Bristol, Newport, and Providence.

Bristol County traces its origins back to June 2, 1685, when it was established by the Plymouth Colony. The county was named after its county seat, Bristol. In 1691, the Plymouth Colony, along with the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the Maine Colony, and other settlements, was rechartered as The Province of Massachusetts Bay under King William III. In 1746, as part of a settlement to resolve a boundary dispute, the towns of Bristol, Barrington, and Warren were transferred to Rhode Island, forming Bristol County, Rhode Island.

Concurrently, Cumberland, Rhode Island was created from a portion of Attleborough, Massachusetts, and joined Providence County, Rhode Island. Tiverton and Little Compton were incorporated into Newport County, Rhode Island. East Freetown, which had been purchased by Freetown, Massachusetts in 1747, remained on the Massachusetts side. With Bristol’s departure, Taunton became the county seat. In 1828, a second county courthouse was erected in the burgeoning town of New Bedford, designated a “half-shire town.” In 1862, Seekonk (now East Providence, Rhode Island) and East Pawtucket were transferred to Providence County, Rhode Island, while land was added to Fall River and Westport. Subsequently, Fall River became the location of the third county courthouse in 1877, reflecting the city’s growth.

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Bristol County Jail

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