Franklin County Jail

The Franklin County Jail, located at 123 County Way, Farmington, ME 04938, is a correctional facility in Maine that has been operational since 1999. It serves as a regional minimum-security jail accommodating inmates from different cities within Franklin County. The facility has a listed capacity of 73 beds, although other sources suggest it can hold around 134 inmates.

Visitation hours at the Franklin County Jail may vary and are subject to change. It is recommended to contact the jail directly at 207-778-2680 or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information regarding visitation rules and hours. Some third-party services also offer inmate visitation options through cell phones or computers for a fee. Additionally, there is another Franklin County Jail in Maine with its own inmate visitation policy, which can be requested by calling (207) 778-3032.

The Franklin County Jail has faced some issues and concerns regarding its conditions. Complaints from both deputies and inmates have been raised, including problems related to odors and safety. In 2015, a Maine Board of Corrections official warned about significant financial and safety challenges within the state’s unified county jail system, which includes Franklin County. However, in 2021, the jail reopened to full capacity after a brief closure period.

The Franklin County Jail is considered a medium-security detention center that houses a range of inmates, from low-level misdemeanor offenders to those awaiting trial for more serious crimes such as robbery, rape, and murder. The facility offers various programs aimed at the rehabilitation and well-being of inmates. The jail strives to become a model adult detention facility for small counties and aims to reflect the positive attributes of the community it serves.

Rules and Regulations for Inmate Visitation

Soft Opening of In-Person Visitation: The Franklin County Regional Jail is implementing a soft opening for inmate visitation. Visits can be scheduled weekly, starting on Monday mornings at 8:00 a.m.

  • Visitor Limitations: Each visitation allows one adult visitor accompanied by one child. Visitors are required to wear masks while in the jail lobby and are strongly recommended to wear masks throughout the entire visitation.
  • Screening and Arrival: Visitors will undergo a screening process upon entering the jail, including temperature checks and COVID-related questions. It is advised to arrive early to allow time for the screening.
  • Subject to Change: Please note that these visitation rules are subject to change without prior notice. It is recommended to contact the jail or visit their official website to confirm visitation hours and guidelines.

Inmate Commissary

Accepted Payment Method: The Franklin County Regional Jail only accepts U.S. Postal Money Orders made payable to FCRJ, with the inmate’s name specified on the memo line.

  • Money Order Drop-off or Mailing: Money orders can be dropped off 24/7 using the drop box located near the lobby doors or mailed to the provided address.
  • Lobby Entry Restriction: Visitors are not allowed entry into the jail lobby.
  • Online Deposits: Money can also be deposited into an inmate’s account via
  • Maximum Account Balance: The maximum amount an inmate can have on their account is $300. Amounts exceeding this limit are at the discretion of the Jailer.

Ordering Commissary:

  • Weekly Ordering: Inmates can place commissary orders each day when phone access is available.
  • Delivery Schedule: Secure side inmates receive their orders on Thursdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., while Honor Dorm inmates receive theirs on Wednesday afternoons around 4:00 p.m.
  • Weekly Limit: Inmates are allowed to purchase up to $200.00 worth of commissary items per week.

Funding Inmate's Account

  • Postal Money Order: United States Postal Money Orders can be mailed to the Franklin County Regional Jail. Ensure the inmate’s name is legible on the envelope. Please note the specified acceptance hours.
  • Lobby ATM: An ATM machine in the lobby accepts cash, Visa, or MasterCard for funding an inmate’s account. Alternatively, visit to make a deposit, which may take longer to process.

Delivering a Mail/Package

Address Requirements: Starting March 20th, 2023, all mail must be sent to the provided addresses. Mail sent to other addresses will be rejected. 

Guidelines for Incoming Mail:

  1. Inmate name and ID must be clearly addressed on the mail.
  2. The envelope must include a return address.
  3. Mail size should not exceed 8 1/2 x 11 inches (letter size), be no thicker than light card stock, and able to be scanned.
  4. Inspection of Incoming Mail: All incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband or rule violations. If any such items are found, the mail will be destroyed and not returned. Letters accompanied by money orders will be destroyed separately.
  5. Prohibited Mail: Only pictures are permitted to be enclosed in mailed items. Printed photographs on photo paper are allowed (up to 10 per package), while printouts from the internet, colored pages, and provocative material are prohibited and will be destroyed.
  6. Return to Sender: Certain items, such as legal mail or money orders, certified mail requiring inmate

Communication Through Phone Conversations

Inmates at the facility have the privilege of making phone calls to a pre-approved list of contacts, primarily consisting of friends and family members. There are two options for making calls: direct calls through a third-party call services provider or collect calls. In the case of direct calls, inmates need to create an account and ensure it has sufficient funds to cover the call expenses. On the other hand, with collect calls, the person receiving the call will be responsible for the associated costs.

Services and Activities for Inmates

The Franklin County Regional Jail is fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers who provide teaching and ministering services to the inmates. Their valuable contribution is highly appreciated, and they are considered an integral part of the jail’s community. The facility is committed to fulfilling the individual needs of each inmate, including physical, social, educational, religious, and recreational aspects.


Participation in the programs offered at the jail is subject to certain limitations due to security requirements, and most programs require inmates to submit an application for attendance. Acceptance into these programs is not automatic and is determined based on security considerations and the inmate’s behavioral history. Any misuse, disruption, or failure to attend may result in removal from the program and denial of re-entry. Inmates who are placed in disciplinary segregation will be automatically removed from programs and placed in protective custody.


The following is a list of available activities and classes for inmates in the general population:

  • GED Classes/KEYS Classes
  • AA Classes (Male and Female)
  • Female Parenting Class
  • Female Writing Class
  • Thursday Bible Study (Males)
  • Thursday Night Bible Study (Male and Female)
  • Friday Bible Study (Male and Female)
  • Saturday Bible Study (Female)
  • Sunday Church Services (Male and Female)

Franklin County Sheriff Department

County Sheriff : Scott R. Nichols, Sr. 

Address: 123 County Way, Farmington, Maine, 04938

Phone: 207-778-9891


Overview of Franklin County

Franklin County, situated in the state of Maine, United States, is a county with a population of 29,456 as of the 2020 census. It is the second-least populous county in Maine. The county seat is Farmington, and it was established on May 9, 1838, and named after Benjamin Franklin. Franklin County was created by taking portions from Kennebec, Oxford, and Somerset counties, with some minor adjustments made over the next fourteen years.

The county is governed by a three-member county commission. The commissioners hold meetings on the first and third Monday of each month at 10 am. They are elected in the November general election and serve four-year terms. Currently, the county commissioners are as follows: Gary McGrane representing District One (Jay, Wilton, Temple, Carthage), Charles Webster representing District Two (Farmington, Chesterville, New Sharon), and Clyde Barker representing District Three (Avon, Carrabassett Valley, Coplin Plantation, Dallas Plantation, Eustis, Industry, Kingfield, New Vineyard, Phillips, Rangeley Plantation, Rangeley, Sandy River Plantation, Strong, Weld, and unorganized territories of East Central Franklin, North Franklin, South Franklin, West Central Franklin, and Wyman).

Franklin County falls under Maine Prosecutorial District Three, which includes Franklin, Oxford, and Androscoggin Counties. The current district attorney is Andrew S. Robinson from Farmington, who was elected to his first term in 2014. James A. Andrews serves as the deputy district attorney, having been appointed to the position by Robinson in 2015.

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